Saturday, July 19, 2014

urban garden and food trucks

We ended up at a Stray Rescue/Urban Garden block party one Saturday morning...not sure how I convinced Scott, but the kids were excited :)  Somehow Jack ended up in the car and the promise of lunch from a food truck was incentive enough for Ben to want to join us too!

"Excuse me Miss, where is the Queen Bee?" Cate is obsessed with the life of a bee.

Lots of bee boxes in the urban garden!

Love that they plopped this big ole garden down in the middle of the city...

Eating lunch while listening to some trucks were a success!

 I love the kids enthusiasm for gardening and listening to them compare "their" garden to other community gardens.  My dads love of farming will forever live on through his grandkids!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014


June-August is off-season for Brady's soccer team but instead of enjoying the down time, his 3v3 team kicks it into high-gear. This past weekend they played in St. Charles and it was hot. Miserably hot.  Feel like you're melting hot. Stupid hot. Africa hot. Can't breathe hot. Get it?
Bennett had a baseball tournament in Jacksonville, so I was on my own for 8 hours of soccer. FUN.
A couple of super cool kids.  Or something.

Only some of the stuff that is supposed to fit in the wagon actually fits after Cate gets settled in.  Her own little collapsible chariot :-)

Brady's team played six games.  And won, six games.  They are really good.

She loves her new Girls on the Run headband. 

 This is what six games in the scorching sun feels like

 Championship game celebration.  Just kidding.  Our team does not celebrate.  No elaborate happy dances.  No parent tunnels for the kids to run through. And definitely no accepting of finisher medals for anything below second place.  Not everyone is a winner, deal with it!  This is kinda what I like best about our team :)
I also love that our coach is so laid back.  You will not see him running up and down the field acting like a fool.  He teaches them at practice and lets them play the games. There are A LOT of lunatic coaches out there and I'm happy ours is not one of them!

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Friday, July 11, 2014

go birds!

We've been to two Cardinals games this summer which is pretty good for us...Scott and I both prefer watching the game from the comfort of our own home, but if we happen upon really good seats, we'll make an exception :) We had four tickets for the first game. Carter decided he did not want to go, but Cate did, so we bought her a standing-room-only cheap ticket and thankfully the seats next to us were open and she didn't have to sit on my lap. We chose to eat at The Precinct Bar & Grill before the game and take their free shuttle to the game...worked out great!

"I'd rather be #1 than #2".  Um, that's a 'peace sign' Cate
Upstairs from the grill....Space 15, aka our class reunion site in August

During the 7th inning, Cate spotted Fredbird by the field and jumped out of her seat to run down and give him a hug.  She then dragged him back up to our seats to have him sign a baseball for Brady.  Along the way, she pulled him into a handrail and he fell to the ground.  She thought it was hilarious!

He signed a ball for Brady and then the camera man showed up along with the Cardinal Girls and presented her with a hot Papa John's pizza and coupons for free pizza for everyone in our row!

Jumbo-tron debut!

 My phone immediately blew up with texts from people who saw Cate on the jumbo-tron and when we left the stadium, people at Ballpark Village waved and mentioned seeing her on the big screens!  It was too funny! 

 Our 2nd game was a day game last weekend.  Cate opted out of this one, which was a good thing because she probably expects that Fredbird nonsense to happen at every game :)  Carter had to work so I got to tag along again!

 Our seats were awesome and we had access to the air-conditioned Redbird Club (which I reealllly appreciated). 
Brady and I had build-your-own nachos.  Delish!

Back-to-back homeruns meant lots of fireworks that we couldn't see because it was a sunny day game
Hanging out in the A/C!

 Unfortunately, the Cardinals lost both games we attended, but what's important is that we had a good time!

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

lake fun...again!

I am forcing myself to sit down daily and update this blog until I am all caught up for 2014.  This could take me til 2015.  I'm not even going to try to post them in order or back-date them... so they'll be completely out of order, but ya get what ya get :)

On Monday, I planned to make a trip to Target but Scott decided we should go to the lake instead.  He won.  We had to be back by Wednesday at 4 for baseball, so we had to make the most of our one full day on the water.  And that we did!!!!  We are very blessed to have Aunt Fran and Uncle Mike who are willing to open their house to us on a moments notice (literally)! This trip was one of our best yet....the weather was finally perfect!
the dock fish have been waiting for us

 Seems like there is a new toy every time we go.  Meet the trampoline! Turn it over and it's a party float complete with cup holders! It's huge!


Tuesday morning was spent jumping and fishing and the afternoon was about boating and eating :) We had lunch at Coconuts, one of the kids favorite restaurants. 
me and the Bradster on a boat
 Saturday evening, Cate took a quick kick to the face on the trampoline and lost her front tooth! There was a lot of blood and Scott had to yank it out and then she jumped back in the lake to clean up.  Ewwww. (and doesn't she look just like Brady?!)

Under the stairs secret toy room

My favorite guest room and where I LOVE waking up each morning. Wish I could spend an entire week in that bed.  I try, but the kids always find me

After dinner, we headed back out on the water in the "small" boat (as Cate refers to it).  Evening boat rides are the best! (nice underwear Scott)

Always right there lurking

 Cate has the life.  Fluffy robe, cheerios and her water :)

After 13 hours on the water Tuesday, I was done.  But bright and early Wednesday, the kids were up and back at it.

By noon, everyone was worn out!  We were sad to have to pack up and leave but two nights is a good length to be there...we realize our family is like a tornado and we don't want to overstay our welcome!

pooped out

We had lunch at Backwater Jacks before heading home.  Last month when we were there, we saw this mama duck and her babies and I was excited to see them again yesterday!
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